Who We Help

AIO Food Pantry, Child Hunger and Utility Assistance

The Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry, Child Hunger and Utility Assistance, serving all of Knox County Maine, is located in Rockland. Their clients are the keystone recipients of OLW’s Pad & Tampon Project. Women, teen & transgender clients were given over 40,000 pads & tampons in 2018. Our Toilet Paper Project provides one roll of toilet paper to each household member monthly which totaled over 10,000 rolls last year. Incontinence pads are available to those in need via our Senior Project. Additionally, OLW offers one full-sized tube of toothpaste and one bar of soap to each household monthly. 


OLW makes available pads & tampons to teens and requested grooming products in area schools. You can find OLW products in the following schools: Oceanside High School, Camden Hills Regional High School, Medomak Valley High School, Camden Rockport Middle School, Appleton Valley School, Medomak Middle School, Prescott Memorial School, Union Elementary School, Warren Community School, Oceanside Adult & Community Education, Zenith Project, and more.

New Hope for Women

New Hope for Women provides support and services to persons living in Midcoast Maine who are experiencing relationship abuse. New Hope clients receive pads & tampons, requested grooming products and glorious totes from our Tote Project.

Rockland Public Library

One of our newest partners, Rockland Public Library, is open to everyone 7 days a week! You will find a basket of OLW loose pads & tampons in the main-floor non-gendered bathroom and downstairs in the women’s bathroom. We’re excited to have pads & tampons available to all who need them every single day! OLW’s intent is that people take what they need.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program

Each month 65-80 food-insecure Knox County seniors pick up their Commodity Supplemental Food Program boxes. As part of our Senior Project, One Less Worry is present during pick-up hours offering a roll of toilet paper and a grooming or cleaning item to each senior.

The Landing Place

The Landing Place serves area homeless and at-risk teens, offering them a safe place, a homecooked meal and kindness. This essential program currently serves 40 or more local teens. OLW monthly provides hundreds of pads & tampons, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, soaps & bath gel, shampoo, deodorant and more. The needs we fill at the Landing Place make them our most rapidly growing partner!

Thomaston Inter-Church Fellowship Food Pantry

Serving all of Knox County & located in Thomaston, ME, this food pantry receives pads, tampons, toilet paper & incontinence pads from OLW.

St. George Community Cupboard

This beautiful new food pantry serves the St. George peninsula. Pads, tampons & incontinence pads are provided by One Less Worry.

Come Spring Food Pantry

This small but mighty food pantry serves Union and surrounding communities. OLW offers Come Spring clients pads, tampons & bladder pads.